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Five Years Later: Oil Spill Penalties Are No Anniversary Gift—But They Can Have Benefits


A Gulf Coast angler and fisheries conservationist reflects on the days following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill—and the ongoing recovery efforts. A longtime charter captain and friend, Darryl Carpenter, called me from Grand Isle at about noon on Tuesday, April 21, 2010. I was sitting at my desk at the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration […]

Five years later: is the Gulf Coast recovering?


Captain Ryan Lambert has plied the waters near the mouth of the Mississippi River for more than three decades, taking hunters and fishermen from across the world to pursue speckled trout and redfish and hunt ducks out of his Cajun Fishing Adventures operation in Buras, La. In that time, Lambert’s favorite and most productive fishing […]

Protecting the Bait Fish that Fuel Florida’s Fishing Industry

Forage Fish4

Protecting the Bait Fish that Fuel Florida’s Fishing Industry By IGFA Conservation Coordinator Leah Baumwell   Forage fish are small to medium-sized, schooling species (eg., anchovies, pinfish, herring, scad, menhaden, mullet, and sardines) that play a critical role in marine ecosystems by transferring energy up to larger fish, marine mammals, and birds who prey on […]

This Blue-Ribbon Trout Fishery in Arizona Needs a Top-Rate Plan—and Champions


The 16-mile stretch of Colorado River that winds through deep, red-rock canyons between Glen Canyon Dam and the edge of Marble Canyon in northwest Arizona is commonly referred to as Lees Ferry. You may be familiar with it since, after the closure of the dam in 1964, this area has supported a unique tailwater trout […]

The Future for Australian Anglers

Courtesy of Capt. Tim Richardson.

The management of natural resources, whether on land or in water, is an extremely complicated endeavor. Scientists and policy makers have to take into consideration of the countless scientific, socioeconomic and even cultural factors that come into play. Successful management practices seeks to strike a balance between all of these factors and history has shown […]