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Conservation Through Education – IGFA and FRIENDS working to preserve and protect Abaco’s natural resources

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Since 1988, Friends of the Environment (FRIENDS), a non-government organization in Abaco, Bahamas, has been working to preserve and protect Abaco, Bahama’s natural resources to ensure that a sustainable living for the people and the wildlife of the island remain intact. Recognizing that education is the key to achieving this goal, FRIENDS offers environmental education […]

How New Orleans fish and anglers are adapting to “The Wall”

Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Surge

Safe to say, most New Orleans-area fishermen wish the hottest wintertime speckled trout spot in their region didn’t exist. That’s because the sure-fire spot to catch cold-water specks over the last four years is a gargantuan concrete wall built with the hope that the unprecedented disaster of Hurricane Katrina is never repeated. Constructed at the […]

Is White Shark Katharine sexually mature?


As white shark Katharine begins her migration south it may look like a hectic commute south but a closer look shows otherwise. Massachusetts Shark Research program Biologist John Chisholm points out that Katharine’s track is incredibly similar to Mary Lee’s track in 2012. “ They actually head offshore near the same canyon.  The other noteworthy […]


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Whether it is billfish, tuna, or sharks, fishing for HMS species means finding blue water far offshore from the dock. Venturing offshore and pursuing big game fish requires larger boats, heavier tackle and presents challenges on the scale of the fish that anglers target. Of course, the bigger boats, specialized equipment, and more fuel needed […]