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IGFA Partners on Caribbean Billfish Project

IGFA Carib Porject2

Billfish species including blue and white marlin, sailfish and spearfish, make significant contributions to the Caribbean economies, livelihoods and food security through two very distinct fisheries- commercial and recreational. Billfish are also important incidental by-catch species from large scale tuna long-line fisheries operating both within and beyond national jurisdictions. Declining trends due to overfishing have […]

Congress is trying to steal a clean water victory from sportsmen at the eleventh hour.

Image by Barry and Cathy Beck.

There is nothing more essential to good fishing than clean water, and in the United States, there is nothing more fundamental to promoting clean water than the Clean Water Act. Since it was signed into law in 1972, we’ve seen rivers once so fouled by pollution that they literally caught fire become productive fisheries. Yet, […]