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The Billfish Conservation Act (BCA) Awaiting New Legislation – Draft rule needed to enforce BCA ruling on billfish sales in Continental United States.


By IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser Three years after the Billfish Conservation Act goes into effect, conservationists await new draft rule from National Marine Fisheries Service banning the sale of both foreign and domestic billfish in the continental United States. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been more than three years since President Barack Obama […]

The Bertarelli Foundation Wins 2014-2015 IGFA Great Marlin Race

Black MarlinIGMR2015

By IGFA Conservation Coordinator Leah Baumwell / The 2014-2015 Race Year was the largest race season to date with a total of 63 tags deployed on 27 black marlin, 20 blue marlin,  8 striped marlin, 6 shortbill spearfish, and 2 sailfish in the Bahamas, USA, Nicaragua, Australia, Seychelles, Panama, and Costa Rica. Combined, these […]

IGFA Partners on Caribbean Billfish Project

IGFA Carib Porject2

Billfish species including blue and white marlin, sailfish and spearfish, make significant contributions to the Caribbean economies, livelihoods and food security through two very distinct fisheries- commercial and recreational. Billfish are also important incidental by-catch species from large scale tuna long-line fisheries operating both within and beyond national jurisdictions. Declining trends due to overfishing have […]

Black Marlin are Taking Over the IGFA Great Marlin Race


Black Marlin are Taking Over the IGFA Great Marlin Race By IGFA Conservation Coordinator Leah Baumwell ( In the last two weeks alone, eight tags have popped off of black marlin that were satellite tagged during the 2014 Lizard Island, Australia IGMR to reveal that the eight fish swam a combined linear distance of 15,187 […]

Protecting the Bait Fish that Fuel Florida’s Fishing Industry

Forage Fish4

Protecting the Bait Fish that Fuel Florida’s Fishing Industry By IGFA Conservation Coordinator Leah Baumwell   Forage fish are small to medium-sized, schooling species (eg., anchovies, pinfish, herring, scad, menhaden, mullet, and sardines) that play a critical role in marine ecosystems by transferring energy up to larger fish, marine mammals, and birds who prey on […]


bluefin tuna

The Great Tuna Race is a two-day scientific fishing event organized by the Recreational Responsible Fishing Association in collaboration with WWF and IGFA (, and will begin on May 16, 2015 in Blanes (Girona, Spain). The Great Tuna Race is a citizen-science event consisting of responsible fishing tournaments where giant bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean […]

Conservation Through Education – IGFA and FRIENDS working to preserve and protect Abaco’s natural resources

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Since 1988, Friends of the Environment (FRIENDS), a non-government organization in Abaco, Bahamas, has been working to preserve and protect Abaco, Bahama’s natural resources to ensure that a sustainable living for the people and the wildlife of the island remain intact. Recognizing that education is the key to achieving this goal, FRIENDS offers environmental education […]

Little Fish Make Big Fish: The Importance Of Forage Fish Species

FLforageFish   Some of the world’s largest fisheries are for small, short lived species such as menhaden, anchovies and sardines.  While some of these fish are consumed directly by humans, most of these fisheries reduce their catch to fish and animal feed and fish oil for everything from vitamins to cosmetics.  Some of these species […]