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Blood samples show low stress indicators after tagging with the OCEARCH method


As shark biologists, we often need to get up close and personal with sharks in order to attach tags and collect necessary samples to answer critical questions about shark migrations, physiology, fisheries interactions, reproductive biology, etc.  Over the years, scientists have developed various methods of capture and handling, which often involve removing sharks from the […]

Is White Shark Katharine sexually mature?


As white shark Katharine begins her migration south it may look like a hectic commute south but a closer look shows otherwise. Massachusetts Shark Research program Biologist John Chisholm points out that Katharine’s track is incredibly similar to Mary Lee’s track in 2012. “ They actually head offshore near the same canyon.  The other noteworthy […]

Banning Long-lining in Galapagos Islands

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Science and Management work together to ban long-lining in Galapagos – issue highlighted by killing of shark in marine reserve Modern technology and sophisticated ocean science have generated pivotal data supporting the Galapagos National Park Directorate in its decision to order greater restrictions on an artisanal fishing practice that threatened endangered species in the Galapagos […]