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The Future for Australian Anglers

Courtesy of Capt. Tim Richardson.

The management of natural resources, whether on land or in water, is an extremely complicated endeavor. Scientists and policy makers have to take into consideration of the countless scientific, socioeconomic and even cultural factors that come into play. Successful management practices seeks to strike a balance between all of these factors and history has shown […]


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Whether it is billfish, tuna, or sharks, fishing for HMS species means finding blue water far offshore from the dock. Venturing offshore and pursuing big game fish requires larger boats, heavier tackle and presents challenges on the scale of the fish that anglers target. Of course, the bigger boats, specialized equipment, and more fuel needed […]

Get Hooked- Why We Fish

As anglers, we regularly get this question from non-fishing friends,’ why do you fish?’ Fishing, like other recreational sports, means more than what the dictionary defines – the act of catching fish. Catching a fish during your time out on the water is great, but other factors explain why we love what we do and […]