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To Sustain Terrebonne’s Fishing and Hunting Heaven, Louisiana is Moving Water and Earth


The marshes, lakes, and bays of western Terrebonne Parish are extraordinary places to fish. A late-April trip I took to the fresh and brackish marshes near Lost Lake produced constant action on chunky bass, bluegills, and crappies from the edges of the endless grass beds. Bream-baited jug lines caught a dozen fat blue and channel […]

Sculpting With Sand: How Oil Spill Penalties Are Bringing Back Vanishing Dunes and Beaches


Countless anglers leaving from Grand Isle and Port Fourchon in the late-spring and summer venture to Elmer’s Island, and the adjacent Fourchon Beach, each year in search of speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and the occasional drag-screaming jack crevalle. Others go there simply to put out crab lines and enjoy a relaxing day of beachcombing and […]

Congress is trying to steal a clean water victory from sportsmen at the eleventh hour.

Image by Barry and Cathy Beck.

There is nothing more essential to good fishing than clean water, and in the United States, there is nothing more fundamental to promoting clean water than the Clean Water Act. Since it was signed into law in 1972, we’ve seen rivers once so fouled by pollution that they literally caught fire become productive fisheries. Yet, […]

Five Years Later: Oil Spill Penalties Are No Anniversary Gift—But They Can Have Benefits


A Gulf Coast angler and fisheries conservationist reflects on the days following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill—and the ongoing recovery efforts. A longtime charter captain and friend, Darryl Carpenter, called me from Grand Isle at about noon on Tuesday, April 21, 2010. I was sitting at my desk at the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration […]

Five years later: is the Gulf Coast recovering?


Captain Ryan Lambert has plied the waters near the mouth of the Mississippi River for more than three decades, taking hunters and fishermen from across the world to pursue speckled trout and redfish and hunt ducks out of his Cajun Fishing Adventures operation in Buras, La. In that time, Lambert’s favorite and most productive fishing […]

This Blue-Ribbon Trout Fishery in Arizona Needs a Top-Rate Plan—and Champions


The 16-mile stretch of Colorado River that winds through deep, red-rock canyons between Glen Canyon Dam and the edge of Marble Canyon in northwest Arizona is commonly referred to as Lees Ferry. You may be familiar with it since, after the closure of the dam in 1964, this area has supported a unique tailwater trout […]

Trouble in Louisiana’s sportsman’s paradise


Though southern Louisiana rarely endures the nastiness winter dishes out to most of the nation, it still gets cold enough across coastal marshes to give even the hardiest speckled trout lockjaw. Die-hard speck anglers generally hang up their popping corks and topwaters and spend January and February oiling reels and changing line—except those who fish […]

Atchafalaya Basin: Uniquely Louisiana


South Louisiana is covered with swamps. Spanish Moss-draped cypress trees, drooping willow-lined bayou banks, mucky, murky backwaters and palmetto-laced ridges make up as much of the landscape as sugar cane fields, oak-tree bottoms, towns and cities. The swamps go by uniquely Louisiana names like Maurepas, Des Allemands, LaBranche and Bonnet Carre. While all of Southern […]