CCA Florida/Guy Harvey Habitat Fund

After years of travelling in the same circles and even working together at a National level, CCA Florida and Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation have officially joined forces to help our marine habitat! Guy and his Ocean Foundation are known around the world not only for his art but his deep commitment to marine life. With this in mind the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) has committed to a $50,000 matching grant which will be used to create the CCA Florida/Guy Harvey Habitat Fund. All donations received by CCA Florida for this fund will be matched dollar for dollar by GHOF! In addition to the match, CCA Florida will absorb any administration expenses so that 100% of every dollar accrued in the fund will go directly into the water in the form of new or improved marine habitat! Steve Stock, President of GHOF was excited about the partnership “Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and CCA have a long history of cooperation and working together at this level just opens the door to bigger and better things between the two organizations”.

We are already off to a great start! The night the announcement was made at GHOF’s hometown banquet, in Broward County, CCA Legacy Member Capt. Rick Murphy addressed the crowd and made a commitment to throw in $500 if anyone else would step up with him which brought in another $1,000! As word has spread around the state about the fund we also received a $10,000 donation from a private foundation in Mid Coast! And this is all before the first official press release! CCA members around the state are urged to contribute to the new habitat fund so that we can take full advantage of the matching opportunity!

While we continue our fundraising efforts, members are encouraged to work through their local chapter committees to submit proposed habitat projects for funding. The more money we raise for these projects the more projects we can fund so get your proposals together.

CCA Florida Habitat Chairman Don Roberts stressed the significance of the new partnership, “This is a major move forward in CCA Florida’s efforts to get more involved in habitat restoration and we would like to thank Guy Harvey, Steve Stock and the rest of the team at the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation for stepping up and partnering with CCA Florida.”


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CCA Florida/Guy Harvey Habitat Fund

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