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Conservation Through Education – IGFA and FRIENDS working to preserve and protect Abaco’s natural resources

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Since 1988, Friends of the Environment (FRIENDS), a non-government organization in Abaco, Bahamas, has been working to preserve and protect Abaco, Bahama’s natural resources to ensure that a sustainable living for the people and the wildlife of the island remain intact. Recognizing that education is the key to achieving this goal, FRIENDS offers environmental education […]

How New Orleans fish and anglers are adapting to “The Wall”

Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Surge

Safe to say, most New Orleans-area fishermen wish the hottest wintertime speckled trout spot in their region didn’t exist. That’s because the sure-fire spot to catch cold-water specks over the last four years is a gargantuan concrete wall built with the hope that the unprecedented disaster of Hurricane Katrina is never repeated. Constructed at the […]

Is White Shark Katharine sexually mature?


As white shark Katharine begins her migration south it may look like a hectic commute south but a closer look shows otherwise. Massachusetts Shark Research program Biologist John Chisholm points out that Katharine’s track is incredibly similar to Mary Lee’s track in 2012. “ They actually head offshore near the same canyon.  The other noteworthy […]