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Whether it is billfish, tuna, or sharks, fishing for HMS species means finding blue water far offshore from the dock. Venturing offshore and pursuing big game fish requires larger boats, heavier tackle and presents challenges on the scale of the fish that anglers target. Of course, the bigger boats, specialized equipment, and more fuel needed […]

Protecting Alaska Salmon Fishing

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I first visited southeast Alaska in 2004, the guests of a family from my home state of Idaho who had acquired a fishing lodge at the northern tip of Prince of Wales Island. The lodge was–and still is–known for its salmon and halibut fishing in the waters of Sumner Straight, but the family wanted to […]

CCA Florida/Guy Harvey Habitat Fund


After years of travelling in the same circles and even working together at a National level, CCA Florida and Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation have officially joined forces to help our marine habitat! Guy and his Ocean Foundation are known around the world not only for his art but his deep commitment to marine life. With […]

Little Fish Make Big Fish: The Importance Of Forage Fish Species

FLforageFish   Some of the world’s largest fisheries are for small, short lived species such as menhaden, anchovies and sardines.  While some of these fish are consumed directly by humans, most of these fisheries reduce their catch to fish and animal feed and fish oil for everything from vitamins to cosmetics.  Some of these species […]