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Louisiana’s Plan to Combat Wetlands Loss Brings Mississippi River Sediment Back Home


The top minds in wetlands ecology, hydrology, and geology from across the world have spent half a century investigating Louisiana’s unprecedented, catastrophic coastal land loss. And, after poring through volumes of data, comparing maps, and examining soil content, tides, wind, subsidence, rising sea levels, and numerous other factors, the one question nearly all of these […]

Sculpting With Sand: How Oil Spill Penalties Are Bringing Back Vanishing Dunes and Beaches


Countless anglers leaving from Grand Isle and Port Fourchon in the late-spring and summer venture to Elmer’s Island, and the adjacent Fourchon Beach, each year in search of speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and the occasional drag-screaming jack crevalle. Others go there simply to put out crab lines and enjoy a relaxing day of beachcombing and […]

Trouble in Louisiana’s sportsman’s paradise


Though southern Louisiana rarely endures the nastiness winter dishes out to most of the nation, it still gets cold enough across coastal marshes to give even the hardiest speckled trout lockjaw. Die-hard speck anglers generally hang up their popping corks and topwaters and spend January and February oiling reels and changing line—except those who fish […]

Louisiana’s Coastal Marshes Make Liars Out of GPS.


Dramatic land loss over the last century is to blame. Where the standard issue GPS map shows green or yellow land masses with bayous and bays coursing through, in reality there are wide-open expanses of water from subsidence and erosion that have robbed the state nicknamed “Sportsman’s Paradise” of nearly 2000 square miles of prime […]