Is White Shark Katharine sexually mature?

As white shark Katharine begins her migration south it may look like a hectic commute south but a closer look shows otherwise. Massachusetts Shark Research program Biologist John Chisholm points out that Katharine’s track is incredibly similar to Mary Lee’s track in 2012. “ They actually head offshore near the same canyon.  The other noteworthy aspect of Katharine’s track is it’s offshore not coastal like her track south in 2013.  Is this an indication that she’s finally sexually mature and beginning the 2 year reproductive cycle?   We’ll have to wait and see if she follows Mary Lee’s path and stays offshore.”



A sexually mature female white shark has a two-year migration cycle. A white shark does not become sexually mature until they are in their mid to late twenties. When Katharine was tagged on Aug 20, 2013 the science team believed she was on the cusp of sexual maturity but still immature. With a 5 Year SPOT tag tracking her we may see her transition from immature to mature.


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